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Augenfit – no more wearing glasses!

Vigorous young eyes – restoring vision without medical intervention – successfully and alternatively!


  • You are tired of wearing your glasses?
  • Your glasses are not enough by now?
  • You are already suffering cataract or a different eye disease?
  • You want to improve your vision?

Being experienced in my job for years I developed methods for fast improvement and restoring vision, those are simple naturally based. Theses methods can be plasticized for everyone.
By all my experiences I developed the course “Augenfit”

This course is a complete system for improving and restoring vision based on the following natural methods:

  • Spirit healing
  • Stimulation of Vision
  • purification of eyes and their lenses

The course “Augenfit” is very pleasant for your eyes, improves vision and leads to a noticeable result within a short period. There is no case, where improved vision of any participant of the course was missed. This includes people those had been suffering cataract.
For consolidation of eyes musculature special practices are recommended.

What is the result of the course?

The result of the course is noticeable within 3 weeks.

There will be a fast regeneration of your eyes and daily improvement of your vision. Natural evacuation of several accretions is supported by alternative and attended care of your eyes health. Spirit healing and activation of your own body defences may correct faults of your eyes.
You will realize improvement of vision, moreover purification, consolidation of your eyes attended by normalizing your vision.
Opacity of lens (cataract) can be decomposed quickly. Your eyes get more beauty, more agile ness and brilliance.
Be sure: afte the course you will be well being, having more vitality and improvement of bodily and mental condition.

You can improve your vision by more than 100%.

You will see the world with new eyes. You do not believe? So check the page with our customers opinions!

How long does the course "Augenfit" take?

The course "Augenfit" lasts 3 weeks. Every application will be performed individually.
I cordially receive you for a test application of "Augenfit" to improve your vision.
If available please bring along with you your last eye test score. Please stipulate a target date by phone or email.


“Augenfit” – seeing the beauty of the world with your own eyes!
(C)2008 Augengesundheitsinstitut Sevening